Strengthened operational resilience for water- reliant businesses

In light of the magnitude of implications that come with disruptions to water services, businesses need to re-examine the way they manage water and wastewater treatment plants. During a crisis, solutions that offer remote support via digital tools become even more relevant, as they grant businesses access to skilled remote support even amidst possible restrictions on movement. With the emergence of digital platforms, business owners can approach business continuity in a new way that allows them to maintain seamless access to core system performance data that helps with informed decision-making and timely remote interventions. 

Veolia offers a cloud-based AQUAVISTATM digital platform to support water-reliant manufacturers. Comprising of four modular bricks — Portal, Plant, Insight, and Assist — the AQUAVISTA platform remotely enriches the users’ aggregated data through a combination of algorithmic applications and human process expertise. With this solution, customers can achieve operational efficiency and quality compliance, and process water or wastewater treatment plants can be monitored and optimised round the clock, even if staff cannot or should not access a site. 

Furthermore, if any issues occur within the plant, Veolia’s service engineers can readily access the required data online and guide plant operators through the necessary troubleshooting steps. The system also allows engineers to rectify some problems remotely when required, further reducing the need for multiple onsite visits. In addition, through the incorporation of a new Augmented Reality solution, Veolia’s AQUAVISTA platform will soon offer a library of step- by-step instructions to guide customers in resolving a wide range of issues. Customers can also collaborate with Veolia’s engineers in real-time to conduct virtual visits for inspections or visual verification of equipment and network layouts. 

A digital solution like AQUAVISTA can reduce the problem of industrial machine downtime, offer round-the-clock availability that helps businesses keep their utilities running smoothly, and improve overall operational resilience for these businesses.