Step into the future with mercury, arsenic and selenium determinations for online wastewater applications

P S Analytical is showcasing the new trace metal monitoring analysers, particularly for the toxic mercury (Hg), arsenic (As) and selenium (Se) elements in wastewater streams, based on the company’s ultra-sensitive and market leading Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS) technology.

According to the company, this is set to bring some game-changing advances to this application area with the launch of the new third generation, online systems for wastewater monitoring.

The systems are particularly useful for waste streams from coal fired power stations, semiconductor fabrication plants and other similar industries. The systems also find use for drinking water applications in parts of the world where these elements are present in the ground water.

Detection performance and lack of interferences have always been forefront in P S Analytical’s design approach. This continues with this instrument release, which also benefits from syringe-based reagent delivery and, for mercury determinations, employs a gold amalgamation trap as an integral part of the detector. 

Moving away from the continuous flowing reagent streams to a discreet approach reduces reagent consumption and cost significantly, and improves chemical reaction conditions to allow better sensitivities with reduced interferences.

The new design incorporates onboard UV oxidative heating for sample pre-treatment, fully automated calibrations and multiple stream selection including manual grab samples.