Spotlight on the 2017 Water Steward of the Year

Kat Hartwig, executive director of Living Lakes Canada, received the Water Steward of the Year award at the Water’s Next Gala in 2017.

Under Hartwig’s leadership, Living Lakes Canada has been engaging with groups and individuals at the local level through community-based monitoring.

Since 2005, the organisation has been involved in Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN)—the only national standardised water monitoring programme in Canada.

Speaking on the win, Hartwig said, “It was a privilege and honour to be recognised – often when you win those kinds of awards, you get lots of notes of congratulations from your colleagues. It is just nice to have the recognition of because often this work is unrecognised. I think Water Canada is doing a good thing by recognising the hard work of people who have been involved and dedicated over the decades.”

The Canadian Water Summit is currently accepting nominations for this year’s Water’s Next Award. Business, academic, government, and non-government leaders as well as young professionals and operators are encouraged to send in their nominations. From the nominations received, a Water Steward will be selected by the Selection Committee.

The Canadian Water Summit is also accepting nominations for projects and technologies.