Spiral Water Showcases Award Winning Automatic Self Cleaning Filter and Solids Recovery System at WEFTEC® 2016

At WEFTEC® 2016, Spiral Water Technologies, a developer of advanced filtration solutions for difficult-to-treat waters, will showcase its award-winning Automatic Self Cleaning Filter and Solids Recovery System that expands the application of its technology beyond filtration into the realm of solids management.

Spiral Water is exhibiting in the WEFTEC Innovation Pavilion, Booth 4029. Held at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center from Sept. 24-28, 2016, WEFTEC – the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference – is the largest conference of its kind in North America.

Automatic Self Cleaning Filter Technology
The next generation in filtration technology, the Spiral Water filter was developed to address the specific challenges of difficult waters. With its patented design and operation, the Spiral Water filter provides 10 to 100 micron filtration and offers industrial and municipal customers a unique solution for their primary, pre-filtration or post-filtration applications.

Spiral Water’s technology can filter up to 100 times dirtier water than traditional automatic filters while using only 10% of the energy required by other systems and at a fraction of the footprint and weight.This results in lower CAPEX and OPEX while achieving 99.9% water recovery.
Each filter contains a motor-driven spiral shaped brush that continuously cleans collected debris from inside the filter element. Solids collected at the end of the filter housing may be expelled through an automatic purge valve. The system does not require high pressures to operate, and it performs at very low differential pressure (<1 psi). No backwash, crossflow or booster pumps are required. The filter can achieve continuous, fine filtration even in ultra-high and variable total suspended solids up to 25,000 ppm.

Beyond Filtration: Solids Recovery System
Spiral Water’s solids recovery system integrates the company’s flagship automatic self-cleaning filter with proprietary sensor technology that measures build-up of solids electronically and automatically activates the valve to purge them. Because Spiral Water’s patented automatic filtration technology allows one-pass low micron filtration, requiring no backwash or crossflow, the high and variable solids are automatically concentrated and purged in the process. This enables easy solids and product recovery in industrial process streams, and the major reduction in diluted wastewater can significantly lower clean-up expenses.

In addition, the Spiral Water solids recovery system lowers CAPEX and OPEX for companies currently using centrifuges and other de-watering systems that are both expensive and inefficient in solids concentration. In recent demonstrations, Spiral Water converted the waste stream from less than 1% solids into 65% solids by volume, providing dramatic improvement in its solids management efficiency. For a fruit juice producer, Spiral Water was able to eliminate the costly centrifuge process, protect the flavor of the product, and concentrate the nutrient rich byproduct into a potential resale commodity.

Market applications for the Spiral Water filtration and solids recovery system include food and beverage manufacturing; oil and gas produced water; industrial water; desalination; wastewater reuse and recycling; marine and ballast water; mining; power generation and hydro power; biodiesel/biofuels; and pretreatment for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

Spiral Water is the recipient of two major water industry awards in just over a year. At the 2015 Global Water Awards in Athens, the company won the Technology Idol Award, which honors innovative early-stage companies. In June 2016, Spiral Water received BlueTech Research’s Innovation Award for the most disruptive technology presented at the BlueTech Forum. This award also recognized the business potential of the company’s Automatic Self Cleaning Filter.