SPIRAC CSO screen reduces pollution-causing solids

As water companies look to combat the impact from the increasing occurrence of stormwater events that trigger harmful outfalls from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs), wastewater solutions engineering firm SPIRAC has reportedly completed two new installations of its CSO screen.

Designed with overflow weir protection,SPIRACSPIROGUARD CSO screen addresses the challenges of stormwater management by capturing pollution-causing solids
SPIRAC SPIROGUARD CSO screen is said to reduce the impact from stormwater events that trigger harmful outfalls from CSOs
It is said to be low on maintenance; with standard, readily available parts
The conveyors for the SPIRAC CSO screens are shaftless for less labour and less likelihood of blockages
Its SPIROGUARD CSO screen reportedly has a space-saving built-in grease-point extension, which removes the need for a platform

With slower revolutions than shafted conveyors reducing wear and tear, the design also allows increased volumes up to 2500L/sec. Encompassing the design hallmarks of SPIRAC screens, SPIROGUARD comes equipped with a self-cleaning brush to clean and prevent clogging of the 3mm perforated screen plates.