Singer Valve simplifies valve flow measurement with its Battery Operated SPI-MV

Singer Valve has launched the Battery Operated Single Point Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter (SPI-MV) that measures accurate flow rate when power is not available.  

Mark Gimson, director of Marketing, said, “It’s not uncommon for valve chambers that are further out in the field to not have power, so this battery option will be great for those applications and it’s also really easy to setup for instant accurate flow measurement right out the box.”

The flow sensor comes pre-calibrated from McCrometer’s NIST traceable calibration lab andrequires no recalibration in the field. It can be installed on either side of a Singer valve on the inlet connection and only requires three pipe diameters clearance upstream. They can also be installed with any pilot system and are available for valve sizes from three to 36 inches.  As the SPI-MV only protrudes from the valve 4.6 to 6.3 inches it only requires eight to 12 inches clearance for easy maintenance. The probe itself protrudes into the valve 1/8 the diameter of the valve so it runs little risk of damage with such a short profile in the flow path. With no moving parts and a single-piece design, the sensor contains nothing to wear or break and is generally immune to clogging by sand, grit or debris.

The Battery Operated SPI-MV can run independently of an external power source for three to five years and a small solar panel can be added to extend the lifetime to 10-15 years.  It can also be paired with an external AC or DC power source so the battery portion becomes a backup for power outages.  It has a 3-key touch local convertor with Die Cast Aluminum IP67 housing. The unit offers dual totalizer pulse output and internal data logging options that can be used for SCADA integration and flow analysis respectively.  It has variable sampling frequency’s that can be adapted to fit the installation needs and maintains the 2 per cent of actual reading accuracy offered in standard models. 

Singer’s SPI-MV family now consists of AC, DC and battery options to fit all installation needs.