Singer™ Pressure Management Valve: The reliable automated pressure management

The Singer 106/206 PGM-2PR-630 has just been introduced by Mueller Water Products, a leading manufacturer of water distribution control valves.

Designed for applications to recognise impending failure, this valve hydraulically manages pressure round the clock. It reduces water loss, saves money and prevents unwanted pressure spikes that contribute to premature pipe failure.

Built on the Singer 106PGM or 206-PGM main valve, a simple field retrofit is possible using the paddle style orifice plate.

“There is no other valve on the market quite like this that uses two diaphragms for fail proof control,” said Mark Gimson, director of Marketing.

How the Singer 106/206 PGM-2PR-630 works

Based on flow rate, the valve switches between high and low pressure pilots.

The pressure reducing pilots can independently adjust to suit the optimal downstream pressure. The valve requires no electrical power or independent flow signal as it takes its flow signal from an orifice plate installed on the valve inlet. With the integral backup system protects against diaphragm or pilot failure, it reduces the need for immediate service.

The valve is available in sizes 4 to 12 inches (DN100-DN300) with a minimum pressure at the valve inlet of 29 PSI (200kPa/2 barg).