Singapore’s PUB Celebrates Hari Raya Puasa with Short Film “Kinship”

A still from the short film “Kinship”

For the first time ever, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, has produced a short film titled ‘Kinship’ to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa, and to promote the value of water. The film has been launched on PUB’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Water is a precious resource that plays a central role in many religions and cultures. For the Malay community, water can be associated with family ties as described in the Malay proverb ‘Air dicincang tidak akan putus’ (translated as ‘water doesn’t break apart when you chop it). Inspired by the proverb, the six-minute film is a powerful, emotional story that captures the meaning of brotherhood and family ties.

The film revolves around two orphaned brothers, Din and Zul. Set in the 1960s, the film takes viewers through the nostalgic growing years of the brothers in an orphanage, Zul’s animosity towards his elder brother upon news of his adoption and their bitter separation on Hari Raya morning. Fast forward to present day, the discovery of a long lost-reservoir where the brothers used to play, not only brought back past memories but also resolution through forgiveness.

The film carries a message of appreciating familial ties and exemplifies the spirit of Hari Raya – as a time for reunion and mending relationships through the customary practice of asking for forgiveness. The story is accompanied by a classic Malay ballad, “Gerimis Mengundang” (Invitation of the Drizzle) which has been given a new spin through re-scoring with vocals by Singapore and Asian Idol winner, Hady Mirza.

Water features strongly in this meaningful story about the preciousness of kinship. Water saving tips and messages about how water is a precious and treasured resource – much like kinship – have been woven into the film.

The short film is part of PUB’s year-long water conservation campaign with the theme “Make Every Drop Count”, to drive home the message that everyone has a part to play to use water wisely. PUB continues to find new ways to engage and connect with the wider population to change consumer behaviour towards water through relatable stories and impactful storytelling.

“We have refreshed this year’s water conservation campaign with a focus on the amount of effort and processes behind the making of water, to show how every drop of water does not come easy. With Kinship, it is a different and also softer approach, appealing to people’s emotions to convey our water messages. In a subtle way, by drawing a parallel between water and kinship, we hope to evoke thoughts and reflections about how we should treasure and appreciate precious things in life such as relationships and water,” said Mrs Cindy Keng, Director of 3P Network, PUB.

Written and produced by creative agency Tribal Worldwide Singapore, and directed by Roslee Yusuf from FreeFlow Productions, the film was produced over two days at locations steeped in nostalgia, such as Tampines Quarry and the Boys’ Brigade building in Ganges Avenue.