Singapore’s NEWater visitor centre and Bedok NEWater factory to close on 31 Jul 2024

The NEWater visitor centre (NVC) in Bedok, Singapore will be closing its doors on 31 Jul 2024 after more than two decades of promoting water sustainability.

The adjacent Bedok NEWater factory (BNF) — Singapore’s oldest NEWater production plant launched in 2003 — will also cease operations on 31 Jul 2024 upon reaching the end of its operational lifespan. It will be replaced with a third NEWater factory at Changi water reclamation plant (WRP), which will be more than double BNF’s production capacity.

NEWater represents a key pillar in Singapore’s water security since its launch in 2002 (Image: PUB)

Since its opening in 2003, NVC has welcomed over 1.7 million local and international visitors. It features interactive displays, tours, exhibits and workshops that showcase the evolution and production of NEWater, Singapore’s brand of high-grade reclaimed water.

“NEWater symbolises Singapore’s spirit of innovation in leapfrogging our natural constraints. Over two decades, Singaporeans young and old have made the journey to the NEWater Visitor Centre to learn about how we recycle used water endlessly, allowing us to overcome our lack of natural water resources,” said Ong Tze-Ch’in, Chief Executive of PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency. “With its closure, PUB will explore new platforms for education on our NEWater story.”

NEWater — this ultra-clean, high grade recycled water — is the product of R&D, produced by purifying treated used water using advanced membrane technologies and UV disinfection.

The NVC is the cornerstone of an extensive public education programme to help Singaporeans appreciate the safe technology behind NEWater. For example, during guided tours, visitors engaged in role-playing as water molecules undergoing treatment and gained a better understanding of the robust three-stage treatment process in NEWater production.

PUB will look into leveraging other sites and deepening collaboration with our partners to develop the next iteration of NEWater education. Meanwhile, Singaporeans can visit the Marina Barrage’s Sustainable Singapore Gallery to learn more about NEWater and the Four National Taps.

Staff and partners who have contributed to the evolution of NEWater and the Singapore water story will be invited to a closing ceremony in September 2024 to commemorate the roles NVC and BNF have played. Members of the public can also share their memories and stories related to NEWater and NVC on PUB’s social media in the leadup to its closure.