Singapore: Ricoh’s annual Eco Action Day campaign sees 315 trees planted in Sentosa

Ricoh Asia Pacific, a Japanese multinational imaging and electronics company, brought together corporate and government leaders to plant 315 tree saplings at Fort Siloso in Sentosa, Singapore, as part of Ricoh’s 2018 Eco Action Day campaign.

Each sapling planted matches a corporate pledge received during the 2018 campaign. Campaign partners and sponsors, including Keppel Land, Keppel REIT, Singapore Pools, Interface, Sunseap, Mitsubishi Electric, PacificLight Power and Eco Business, were also present at the event.

Gracing the event was Guest-of-Honour Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources.

“I am heartened by the support from business leaders and corporates in taking climate action for a sustainable Singapore,” Minister Masagos said. “I hope to see more climate action champions in the Public, Private, and People (3P) sectors go beyond individual actions to engage their partners in making a more positive impact on our environment.”

For Ricoh, this is the third time Fort Siloso has been chosen for the planting of saplings, after similar events in 2008 and 2017. The planted saplings contribute to the resort island’s reputation as a green, sustainable leisure and tourism destination. While rapid developments have transformed Sentosa in recent decades, the natural environment and heritage of the island are being preserved through initiatives such as Ricoh’s Eco Action Day campaign.

The annual national campaign encourages awareness of, and action for, the environment, and is celebrated in conjunction with United Nations (UN) Environment Programme’s World Environment Day (WED) held every 5 June. The campaign encourages corporations, schools, and individuals to pledge themselves to greener actions.

“The overwhelming support for Ricoh’s 2018 Eco Action Day campaign, culminating in today’s plantings, shows that we still care for the wide range of environmental issues at hand,” Mr Kaz Goto, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific, added. “At Ricoh, we continue to support the preservation of our natural environment through efforts in raising awareness and building public -private partnerships to help secure our greenery for future generations.”

This year’s campaign saw 313 organisations, 17 schools and 1,254 individuals pledge their eco actions for a sustainable Singapore. The pledges are approximately 30 per cent more than 2017, highlighting the increase in national awareness and alertness to take environmental action. Each pledge also contributes to the Climate Action Pledges by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR), which has drawn a total of 302,926 pledges to date.

In Singapore, Eco Action Day has gained the support of several public and private sector organisations for over a decade, becoming Singapore’s largest and longest led environmental initiative.