Singapore International Water Week Spotlight 2019

The Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) Spotlight series are exclusive by-invitation events to continue the dialogue from SIWW and foster ongoing exchanges on pressing challenges faced by the water industry worldwide. Held from 6-7 June 2019, SIWW Spotlight 2019 will be focused on industrial water solutions and the sharing of best practices to reduce businesses’ risks and strengthen receptivity on the adoption of reduce, reclaim and replace. 

To complete and enrich delegates’ experience, specially curated technical site visits have been planned. Delegates will be able to witness first-hand how companies from diverse industries – petrochemicals, nutraceuticals and wafer fabrication – have set exemplary records in enhancing water efficiency.

The delegates will get to visit Wyeth’s Wastewater Treatment and Reclaim Plant, Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore and Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company.

Spotlight 2019 will bring together industrial water users and their supply chain vendors, policy-makers and regulators, as well as solution providers to discuss best practices to reduce water use, replace with alternative water and reclaim used water. The four tracks to SIWW Spotlight 2019 include:

Making Water a Priority in Your Boardroom
Corporations globally are under pressure from governments and the public to reduce their consumption of freshwater, reduce water pollution and improve water management. In this dialogue session, executives from MNCs will discuss how water became important to their senior management, how improved water management is not just for the company but also society, as well as the best managerial and technological practices in lowering water consumption by Reduce, Replace and Reclaim. This session invites international experiences and discusses why water is still not a priority in many boardrooms globally and what more can be done.

Framing it Right
With water being a part of a corporation’s DNA and driven by the leadership, the first step is to have the right framework and the correct tools to determine the existing water footprint and the links between water and process economics in existing businesses and new ventures. This session explores the frameworks and useful tools to help make decisions and design systems to reduce, replace and reclaim water.

Tapping Technologies
Technologies to lower industrial water consumption are already here. After assessing the correct water footprint, the next step is to look for the right technological solutions to reduce the footprint. This session explores successful showcases of technologies implemented to reduce, replace and reclaim water in factories, and also explores new and emerging technologies.

Valuing the Precious
Not being able to achieve a sufficient return on investment (ROI) on technologies that lower water consumption can be a barrier for a company to reduce its water risk. This may be due to the low price that the company is paying for its water and high infrastructure costs. This session explores tools to identify, measure and value the direct and indirect impacts of water to ensure that the ROI of such investments are encompassing.

SIWW Spotlight 2019 is held in partnership with the Ecosperity Week.