SIIC Environment to upgrade three wastewater treatment plants in China

Subsidiaries of water treatment firm SIIC Environment have signed three upgrading supplementary agreements for wastewater treatment plant projects in China.

The three projects are expected to contribute positively to the mainboard-listed group’s performance, it said on Monday.

SIIC’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen City Nanfang Water (SCNF), signed two agreements with the Bureau of Water Resources of the Shenzhen municipality.

One of the agreements is for SIIC’s 100 per cent-owned Pudixia wastewater treatment plant project in Guangdong. SCNF will upgrade the discharge standard of the Pudixia project from Class I Standard A to Quasi Grade IV with a designed capacity of 50,000 tonnes per day.

The other agreement is for the second stage of the company’s Henggang wastewater treatment plant project, also in Guangdong.  SCNF will upgrade the project’s discharge standard from Class I Standard A to Quasi Grade IV with a designed capacity of 100,000 tonnes per day. A reclaimed water treatment process with a designed capacity of 50,000 tonnes per day will also be added to the Henggang project.

Meanwhile, SIIC’s 60 per cent-owned subsidiary, Ranhill Fuzhou, has signed an upgrading supplementary agreement on concession rights with the management committee of the Jiangxi Yihuang Industrial Park.

The Yihuang provincial industrial park in Jiangxi province will establish an advanced wastewater treatment process so that the discharge standard is upgraded from Class I Standard B to Class I Standard A. The first and second stages of this wastewater treatment plant project have a total designed capacity of 15,000 tonnes per day.

Shares of SIIC Environment closed S$0.02 or eight per cent higher at S$0.27 on Friday.