Siemens successfully commissions Zimpro® wet air oxidation unit for olefins plant

Siemens Water Solutions successfully installed and started up a Zimpro® wet air oxidation (WAO) system at a global petrochemical company’s olefins plant in the Southern U.S. 

The order, received in November 2017, is the second Zimpro® wet air oxidation system supplied to the customer. The first system was supplied in 2004.

The Zimpro® WAO system will treat spent caustic generated in the production of ethylene by destroying odorous and high chemical oxygen demand (COD) pollutants. The system also generates an effluent that can be safely neutralized and sent to a biological treatment plant, where it is further treated for discharge.

Siemens Water Solutions addresses water and wastewater needs of the oil and gas industry with a portfolio that includes physical and chemical separation, biological treatment, and complex hydrothermal technologies.