Siemens displays their integrated approach to digitalisation

The Smart Manufacturing Asia 2017, hosted at the Singapore Expo from the 4th to 5th April 2017 is where Siemens Pte Ltd will be featuring its exhaustive Digital Enterprise portfolio under the theme “Driving the Digital Enterprise in Southeast Asia”. The range will include refined solutions all the way to expertise for the digital transformation of manufacturing and processing industries as they continue to move toward Industry 4.0.

Due to the ever-changing consumer demands and needs, manufacturers and producers presently face crucial issues in all aspects of their respective industries. They have to be flexible enough to create innovative products that meet individualised, customised needs, and they need to do it faster than their competitors.  Product quality also has to be improved so that they catch the audience and the consumers keep returning for more. On top of all that, they still need to boost and continuously develop facility efficiency and protection to keep sustaining the energy, production cost, and security.

Digitalisation provides interoperability between all the available data, that that they can seamlessly communicate with each other,” Executive Vice President, Country Lead for Digital Factory (DF) and Process Industries and Drives (PD) divisions at Siemens, Raimund Klein, said. “This will enable manufacturers to make production significantly more efficient, and at the same time give them greater flexibility when it comes to tailoring production to meet market requirements. Companies looking to succeed and distinguish themselves from competitors should start exploring opportunities that digitalisation can bring.”

The digitalisation of the manufacturing industry, also known as “Industry 4.0”, is a subject which has captured the global audience. Consumers are demanding customised products that meet their precise requirements, the constantly-changing markets want a higher level of flexibility, and the consistent need for better efficiency spells out a shorter production time and effective use of energy and resources – all while maintaining or improving the product quality.

The Digital Enterprise Suite, based on the lifecycle of a plant, is Siemens’ solution to Industry 4.0, allowing manufacturing and producing companies to digitalise and streamline the whole business process and smoothly bringing suppliers into the blend. It also enables them to extend the digitalisation of the value chain – as depending on requirement – from any point ranging from the product design to service. The extensive portfolio of systems based on software has been designed specifically for the discrete industries in mind, from services to product designing, engineering, execution and planning, able to combine and digitalise the whole value chain, creating a perfect digital copy – the Digital Twin. The Digital Twin, in turn, allows organisations to test the optimisation of their resources in a virtual, simulated world before ever devoting any physical resources in reality, leading to a shorter production time and increased efficiency, flexibility, and quality.

A cloud-based, open Internet-of-Things operating system that makes up the bedrock and fulfils the fundamental conditions for data-based industrial services, MindSphere is another part of Siemens’ line-up of Digital Enterprise offerings. The open cloud platform allows devices and plug-and-play connectivity to link up, all while providing additional data analysis and versatile connectivity. It also offers applications, developers, and suppliers any tools they may need, and enabling customers and clients to use and analyse their data in methods they were unable to use before. Lastly, MindSphere leads the way for new business models – like the sale of machine hours – where the users benefit from the transparent pay-per-use pricing model.

For customers and clients in Southeast Asia (SEA), the organisation inaugurated the ZerOne.DesIgn™, Digital Factory Manufacturing Design Consultancy, in 2016. The unique, state-of-the-art consultancy was officiated by Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry) Mr S. Iswaran, and is the very first to provide the global automation industry such technical consultancy services to aid organisations realise their various Industry 4.0 ideals.

With their technical expertise, the consultancy is able to recommend effective and practical technological upgrades to assist customers and clients in developing and optimising their manufacturing processes, as well as digitalise their machineries and assets to enhance their management practices on a facility-wide level.

ZerOne.DesIgn™ fills a crucial capability gap in the market and is supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), as while many manufacturers are eager to digitalise their plants and facilities to remain competitive, many do not have the necessary expertise, knowledge, and skills of the steps they can take to do so.

“In Southeast Asia, manufacturers face stiffer competition and more challenges – whether they are local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or multinational companies (MNCs) with small or big facilities. Regardless of size, companies are looking to be more competitive in the market and become strong players in the regional and global markets,” Mr Klein said. “Siemens is paving the industry’s way towards digital transformation. Through our comprehensive Digital Enterprise portfolio, as well as the Siemens ZerOne.DesIgn™, we are drawing on our expertise and technological advancements to support our customers in their journey towards digitalisation at every step of the way.”

Along with MindSphere and the ZerOne.DesIgn™, Siemens will also be featuring the e-SSERVE, Totally Integrated Connectivity, and mamufacturing Execution System (MES), among many others, at the Smart Manufacturing Pavilion in the Singapore Expo. Additionally, Siemens spokespersons Raimund Klein, Executive Vice President, Country Lead for Digital Factory (DF) and Process Industries and Drives (PD) divisions and Angus Marshall, Vice President and Managing Director of Siemens PLM Software for ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand, will be speaking at the exhibition.