Sidrive IQ digital platform: Optimised performance into the megawatt range

Sidrive IQ from Siemens provides a digital platform enabling the evaluation and utilisation of data gathered from drive systems. On the basis of networked drive systems from Siemens, this cloud-based application is now also available for motors and converters in the medium and high-voltage range.

This opens up an array of benefits for plant and machine operators, from optimised maintenance activity and maximum availability to increased productivity, from low outputs through to the megawatt range across the entire life cycle. Connectivity modules such as Simotics Connect 600 and Sinamics Connect 500 enable high-voltage motors and medium-voltage converters to be simply linked up to Sidrive IQ.

With the latest generation of its Remote Services and Condition Monitoring Services offered as part of the Sidrive IQ Services portfolio, Siemens is making available corrective measures for fixing faults, preventive maintenance offers and proactive services for optimised performance. The optimised drive systems are used in pumps, fans and compressors across different sectors of industry such as oil and gas, mining, food and beverage, water and wastewater, metals and cement.

At this year’s SPS IPC Drives, Siemens will be presenting its Sidrive IQ digital platform based on the example of a low-voltage drive system: Using the new Simotics SD Next Generation motor and the new Sinamics S120 Chassis-2 frequency converter, Siemens will be demonstrating the contribution that Sidrive IQ can make towards minimising downtimes, optimising inspection intervals and ultimately maximising plant performance. The new Simotics HV C air-cooled also comes equipped with Simotics Connect 600.

The interaction between operating data and digital twins provides plant and machine operators with a vast array of available data via Sidrive IQ – from measured values, status and operating KPIs, service messages, location positioning and technical product data to spare part information.
Siemens has harnessed the advances achieved in the Internet of Things (IoT), sensor technology, cloud computing, analytics, domain competence and cyber security to enable these innovations along the entire value chain.

The upgraded version now also allows the simple, standardised connection of high-voltage motors such as Simotics HV C and medium-voltage converters such as Sinamics GM150 or Sinamics Perfect Harmony GH180 to Sidrive IQ. This requires the use of the Sinamics Connect 500 or Simotics Connect 600 connectivity modules.


Customised digital expert support with Sidrive IQ services

Digital Check enables customers to benefit from a digital concept tailored precisely to their requirements. Based on this concept, Connect Package combines all the services required for the implementation of a digital infrastructure. Expert Assistance and Expert Diagnostics are new features added for the medium and high-voltage ranges, which enable Siemens to now offer cloud-based and expert-based data analysis.

With the aid of Expert Diagnostics, service experts are able to continuously monitor connected components and so minimise unscheduled downtimes. If any vulnerability is detected in the drive system, a direct and comprehensive notification is sent to the customer. Expert reports are also drawn up containing a detailed condition assessment and service recommendations.

If an unforeseen error occurs, Siemens also offers scope for direct remote support with its Expert Assistance service. In this event, the expert team is automatically informed over MindSphere, the cloud-based open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system from Siemens, and gets in touch with the customer to fix the fault as quickly as possible.


Setting standards with Industrie 4.0

The spread of digitalisation and the resulting networking of data flows are driving increased demand for IoT and cloud solutions. To meet this growing demand, Siemens is upgrading all the key components of its portfolio with digital functions to improve product performance and enable new business models and services. With the development of its Sidrive IQ digital platform for converters and motors, Siemens is fulfilling these requirements and helping improve availability, at the same time enhancing production efficiency and ultimately also productivity.