Show Preview: Eco Asia Conference on Air & Water Quality

Eco Expo Asia, an international trade fair on environmental protection, will feature the Eco Asia Conference on 27 October 2016 at the Seminar Room in Hall 6 of AsiaWorld-Expo this year in Hong Kong. Featured speakers include:

Moderator: Mr Raymond Fong, General Manager, Environmental Management Division, Hong Kong Productivity Council

Climate Change – Water Security Development in Hong Kong

Speaker: Ir Enoch Lam, Director of Water Supplies, Water Supplies Department, HKSAR Government

Abstract of presentation:
Hong Kong is facing the challenge of climate change as same as the rest of the world. The rising temperatures, changing rainfall patterns happen more frequent. Extreme weather condition in recent years is affecting local fresh water resource. WSD committed to manage the Water Security Development by relief, adapt and improve the stability of fresh water supply in Hong Kong. Get prepared for the challenges raised by climate change and to strengthen the ability to adapt.

Corporate Water Stewardship: Achieving Water Neutrality

Speaker: Ms Scholastica Tsoi, Manager – Health & Safety, Sustainability, Swire Beverages Limited

Scholastica Tsoi is a Manager – Health & Safety, Sustainability in Swire Beverages, the Coca-Cola Company bottling partner. She is responsible for develop and facilitate of Swire Beverages Water Stewardship, Carbon Budgeting and Management, Supply Chain Sustainability Programmes and Corporate Health and Safety Governance Programmes, in relation to Coca-Cola global supply chains, engage closely with relevant environmental and business experts within the brands and non-governmental organizations. Ms. Tsoi serves as the Coca-Cola Global Environmental Council (GEC) member on developing sustainability programmes to meet the Coca-Cola Carbon reduction commitments and water stewardship commitments for 2020.

Abstract of presentation:
Water is the most important ingredient in our beverages. So we have pledged to be responsible stewards by seeking ways to reduce water use in our production and at the same time establishing partnerships that contribute to sustainable use of water in our communities. We are committed to safely returning the water we use back to nature and our communities in order to achieve our goal of water neutral. To meet this goal, we support water stewardship programs under the three guiding principles – “Reduce” the amount of water used in production processes; “Recycle” water used in production by returning it to the environment after proper treatment and “Replenish” water used in our finished beverages through the support of sustainable watershed and community water programs.

Carbon Reductions Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals – Case-studies on Air & Water Quality Outcomes

Speaker: Ms Ana Aires Carpinteiro, Partnerships & Communications Director, Nexus, Cambodia

Ms. Ana Aires Carpinteiro has over 11 years’ experience in sustainability, environmental management, and business consultancy. Ana works to access funding for our members’ low-carbon projects that are creating clean water, energy access, and improved health in the developing world.

Abstract of presentation:
The presentation will present the quantified outcomes of a couple of different carbon projects, focusing on their positive impacts in generating access to clean drinking water, as well as improving air quality. Carbon finance is an established mechanism to fund projects that deliver against multiple SDGs and climate targets. It also provides opportunities for public / private sector collaboration. It offers delivery at scale with robust measurement and impact reporting. There is good awareness of the need to report and reduce emissions – but reduction is not enough. Following the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs, we hope more people will see the role that offsetting can play in meeting climate and development targets.

Carbon Market and Carbon Finance in China

Speaker: Ms Susan Zhu, CEO, Shanghai Treasure Carbon New Energy Protection Technology Co Ltd

As one of the leaders of low-carbon industry, Susan Zhu founded Shanghai Treasure Carbon New Energy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange Hong Kong Division, Treasure Carbon Asset Management Co., Ltd., and will establish TC Beijing, Guangzhou, Sichuan, Wuhan, Guizhou Divisions, serving as the Chairman and CEO. She won the Social Impact Award of Education UK Alumni Awards, and was awarded as the low-carbon expert of Hong Kong Financial Services Institute and the Center for China and Globalization. She successfully held the Low Carbon Financial Innovation and Cooperation Forum in Shanghai & Hong Kong, and participated in the World Climate Conference, Davos World Economic Forum and Western Returned Scholars Association frequently. She is also an influential philanthropist. In the name of Treasurecarbon or herself personally, she’s been actively taking part in charity for the sake of mitigating climate change.

Abstract of presentation:
Systematic analysis of basic concepts and principles of the carbon market and carbon finance in China. Typical international cases of International ETS and Carbon Finance Market were studied and analyzed. Analysis Carbon finance market development in China was discussed mainly based on the seven piloting programs and efforts in carbon financial innovation. Prospects for future trends and main challenges of carbon market and carbon finance in China. Proposals of relevant policies of backing up development of carbon market and carbon finance in China.

Remarks: The organisers reserve the right to alter the topic/content/speaker of the programme without prior notice.

This conference is supported by the Business Environment Council, the Green Council, Hong Kong Indoor Air Quality Association and the HKPC.