Shaping SUEZ 2030: A comprehensive plan to become the global leader in environmental services

SUEZ recently announced about “Shaping SUEZ 2030”, a comprehensive strategic plan to position the Group — now — for the opportunities and the challenges of the next decade. The plan enhances value creation for all stakeholders over 4 years with material results as soon as 2021. The plan positions SUEZ as the global leader in environmental services.

Given the key trends in our business — the continued growth of the circular economy and its impact on our customers, the emergence of new business models and new competitors, combined with a profound shift of the mindset of citizens towards the climate crisis and a need for concrete action – SUEZ will accelerate its transformation.

With this new plan, the Group leverages its core strengths – innovation, best in class technologies and know-how, exceptional teams and an excellent reputation. The plan drives selectivity in growth, simplicity in its way of working and a renewed engagement grounded on a passion for the environment.

“Shaping SUEZ 2030” will increase value for all stakeholders by accelerating:

  • Selectivity in organic growth, comprising capex discipline and also portfolio rotation for which businesses have been identified accounting for 15-20% of our capital employed
  • Simplicity with a leaner organization, underpinned by a €1bn efficiency plan by 2023 which will in part improve operating profitability as well as finance a step-up in investment in innovation and digitization
  • Engagement with our customers and from our employees, embracing change and reviving our winning spirit with a refreshed core of values

The plan will transform the Group at all levels in the mid-term: our ambition for the four years to 2023 is to embed our new values and culture firmly across the Group, set the scene for sustained organic growth with lower capital intensity, change our business portfolio and improve our returns on capital employed by at least two points, enhancing our capacity to increase our dividend at a normal payout ratio.

Change will be evident already by 2021 and the Group’s financial objectives for that year reflect our intention to focus going forward on profitability and sustainability:

2021 guidance:

  • €0.8 recurring EPS
  • €500 million recurring Free Cash Flow
  • Net Debt at 2.8 to 3.0x EBITDA 

“With Shaping SUEZ 2030, our ambition is to be the global leader in environmental services, making us the preferred choice of our customers, employees and stakeholders, working together to restore and preserve the fundamental elements of the environment: water, air and soil.

Building on SUEZ’s long-standing reputation, best-in-class technologies, expertise in sustainability, we will reposition the Group’s strategy. We will embrace changes in our markets and contribute here and now to environmental needs, while driving improvements in the value we create as soon as 2021. Our comprehensive plan calls for selectivity in growth, simplicity in our way of working and an evolution in the company’s culture.

We see opportunities across each of our three business segments (Water, Recycling & Recovery and Environmental Technologies & Solutions): we will grow in International markets, do more with Industrial customers and win business based on technology and data-driven environmental solutions, with Europe remaining at the heart of our innovation and sustainability.

Taken together, the set of actions we have started to execute take us on a 4-year journey to 2023, during which we will transform the group in every respect. We commit to show visible progress already in 2021.

The engagement and full support of all the teams at Suez and the Board of Directors has enabled us to build an ambitious, robust and exciting plan – we have now started to execute.

The success of SUEZ 2030 will be based on mobilizing the energy and expertise of all our committed employees – to better serve our customers and partners. Our new values – passion for the environment, customer first, respect, team spirit – combined with a culture which revives our winning-spirit, will all support the deep transformation which underpins our strategic plan,” said Bertrand Camus, SUEZ CEO.