Sensorex Family of Transmitters for pH, ORP and Conductivity Monitoring

Cost-effective monitoring to meet a range of process challenges

Sensorex’s family of online process transmitters offers a range of options from basic monitoring to advanced digital communication. The TX and CX transmitter families eliminate overspending on overly sophisticated models, allowing end users to choose just what fits their application needs–from local display of effluent pH, or controlling boiler condensate, to networking a group of water disinfection ORP loops.

For the most sophisticated functionality, the TX2000 and CX2000 Intelligent pH/ORP and Conductivity Transmitters have an advanced user interface. The large backlit display features easy-to-navigate text and graphic illustrations, supplied in a compact NEMA 4X/IP65 enclosure. The optional -RS models offer additional display features including data charts and trend graphics, a real-time clock with logbook function, and advanced serial RS-485 MODBUS RTU or ASCII communications for digital interface to plant SCADA or DCS control systems.

The TX3000 and CX3000 pH/ORP and Conductivity Transmitters are no-frills workhorses, delivering great value. Line-powered, they are easily user-programmed for online measurements with dual 4-20mA current outputs and two adjustable alarm or control relay contacts. A large backlit LCD screen displays both the measured parameter and temperature, and easily delivers results to automated process control systems.

For end users needing simple local indication of pH values and easy access to calibrate online process sensors, Sensorex offers the TX100 Loop-powered pH Transmitter. This budget-friendly unit features an array of user-selectable options, as well as an isolated output and a multitude of mounting options.

When these transmitters are paired with Sensorex’s process pH or ORP sensors with easy-to-clean flat surface technology, or one of a broad range of conductivity sensors, the resulting system provides treatment plant operators with unmatched analytical tools.