Sensorex Differential pH/ORP Sensor – Direct Replacement Series

SD7000 Series pH/ORP Differential Sensors from Sensorex suited to water, wastewater, environmental scrubber and other challenging process applications

Sensorex’s new SD7000 Series Differential pH/ORP sensors provide industrial and municipal water treatment operators with a unique, yet proven sensor technology, with overall low cost of ownership. The SD7000CD and SD7000CD-ORP are a cost-effective and chemically-resistant direct replacement option for Hach/GLI and Water Analytics/Aquametrix analogue 5-wire pH and ORP sensor models. These differential pH and ORP sensors are ideally suited for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and neutralization; metal finishing and plating, wet fume scrubbers; chemical processing; and other online water quality and process applications.

SD7000 Series sensors are highly accurate, with three electrodes instead of the two found in conventional combination pH and ORP sensors. Solution pH is measured differentially with process and inner reference (surrounded by a known concentrated pH 7 buffer) electrodes, compared to a third ground electrode. This provides optimal measurement accuracy, minimizes reference junction potential, and eliminates sensor ground loop effects. Less maintenance for operators, minimized down time, longer sensor life and overall greater reliability are hallmarks of this differential sensor design.

SD7000 Series sensors offer unmatched accuracy and reliability with an encapsulated preamp to eliminate moisture problems and allow for mounting up to 3000 feet from installed pH/ORP transmitters and remote monitoring systems. Their 1.5” NPT convertible threads are provided for sensor mounting into flow tees or adapting to a pipe for process submersion. The Ryton sensor body provides outstanding chemical resistance and the double-junction reference resists contamination to ensure measurement stability.

The internal reference electrode is electrically connected to the process solution by means of a field-replaceable double junction salt bridge which reduces the possibility of contamination. The salt bridge and standard pH 7 cell solution can be replaced periodically at a very low cost, making the SD7000 differential sensor very economical to maintain.