Schneider Electric Launches Smart Manufacturing Innovations for the region at Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific conference

SINGAPORE – October 16, 2018 – Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today launched its latest smart manufacturing solutions for the Asia-Pacific region. Showcasing these latest innovations at the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) conference and exhibition at the Singapore Expo from October 16-18, Schneider Electric is one of the founding members of ITAP.

Schneider Electric has been in Singapore for over 40 years. In March 2018, the French company launched its East Asia and Japan headquarters in Singapore, housed in a nine-story 18,500 sq. m green building that is powered by a hybrid solar and electricity energy source.

Schneider Electric will be showcasing simulations of next-generation Control Command Centres in Oil & Gas, Digital Factory, Consumer Packaged Goods and Water & Wastewater environments. These Control Command Centres will demonstrate the latest innovations that Schneider Electric is showcasing at ITAP including:

EcoStruxure Machine Advisor Machine builders sell machines to smart factories around the world. These machines are typically deployed with annual maintenance contracts. With EcoStuxure Machine Advisor, machine builders can track, monitor and even fix these deployed IoT-enabled machines remotely from a single dashboard.

Similarly, smart factory operators can gain a bird’s eye view of all their running machines, be instantly alerted if any machine is not operational and analyse collected data in real-time to see if the machines are performing up to par.

EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor On-site operators can speed up machine maintenance and reduce human error by using augmented reality (AR) to view superimposed data over the different parts of the machines.

By simply holding an AR-powered tablet over the machine, the operator can instantly view data relevant to each machine part.

EcoStruxure Profit Advisor This IoT-based solution lets companies measure the profitability of their industrial operations, considering both historical data and real-time data analytics.

EcoStruxure Profit Advisor helps businesses to concentrate and refine efforts which provide the greatest financial returns and savings, predict the profitability of the changes process and minimise potential project risks and eliminate waste

EcoStruxure Triconex Tricon CX v11.4 Recognised as the most dependable and most powerful safety system, EcoStruxure Tricon CX helps industries achieve safe and available production while improving output and profitability. It is quick and easy to install, configure and operate – reducing customers’ total cost of ownership by up to 8% with its triple redundant, high-availability architecture, inherent redundancy management, online module replacement and change/modification capabilities. It is proven to help process manufacturers increase ROI by 11 per cent.

Mr David Orgaz, Senior Vice President, Process Automation, Schneider Electric Asia-Pacific said: “Schneider Electric is at the forefront of helping companies in their digital transformation journey. Using cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technology, our customers can make informed, data-driven decisions that bring about improved profitability, operational efficiency and a smarter productive workforce – while keeping the operations secure and environmentally sustainable.”