Schneider Electric introduces an enhanced Connected Hotel Guest Room Management Solution

Singapore, September 20, 2018 – Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced today the introduction of an enhanced Connected Hotel Guest Room Management Solution, integrating lighting, curtains, bathroom heating, sanitary hot water, temperature and occupancy-based energy management for an exceptional guest experience while improving operational efficiency.

This fully integrated solution has been developed and will be deployed within the framework of the Connectivity Ecosystem partnership between Schneider Electric, Danfoss and Somfy, which was announced in March 2018. The partnership focuses on accelerating the adoption of connectivity technologies and enhance the living and working experiences for people in residential, mid-size building, and hotel markets, with solutions that work simply together. It’s a worldwide agreement that is being deployed regionally.

Due to their nature and industry dynamics, hotels face many issues that can be addressed by connected systems. They must meet the ever-increasing guest expectations for a digital, frictionless environment that provides control, convenience, comfort, and connectivity.

Hotels need to address the energy they waste heating, cooling, and lighting unoccupied rooms, which makes them less sustainable and profitable. They also need to prevent bad reviews and lost revenue from maintenance problems in guest rooms that weren’t proactively identified and fixed before guests complained.

Historically engaged with the hotel segment by developing customized solutions and thanks to the Connectivity Ecosystem partnership, Schneider Electric addresses these needs by delivering an improved guest room management solution integrated seamlessly with Danfoss and Somfy solutions.

The solution allows a seamless integration of Somfy curtain and blind control as well as Danfoss Mirror heating, bathroom electric under floor heating and sanitary hot water control with Schneider Electric Hotel Room Controllers. With the overall integrated Schneider Electric guest room management system, EcoStruxure™ Guest Room Expert provides tangible benefits for hotel operators and system integrators.

Simple digital control through one interface

Seamless integration of the guest room management system enables guests to control curtains as they do for lighting and air conditioning with a single digital interface. This level of convenience and comfort improves guest experience and satisfaction.

Integrated bathroom heating and sanitary hot water control

Guests can now enjoy electric heating solutions from Danfoss for a nicely warm bathroom floor and non-fogging mirror; these functionalities turn on automatically when guests are in room thanks to the integration with the Hotel Room Controller. Guests also enjoy instant hot water thanks to the integration of the Danfoss domestic hot water control. All these contribute to improve guest comfort and experience.

Greater energy savings

When the Connected Guest Room Management Solution is integrated with the Property Management System, energy savings are gained in unoccupied or unrented rooms. Somfy controllers can close curtains and blinds to mitigate solar heat gain/loss and to preserve furnishings. Lighting, as well as Danfoss underfloor heating and mirror heating, can be turned off. Temperature reverts either to setback mode (unoccupied) or deep setback mode (unrented). The Danfoss Domestic Hot Water algorithm heats the sanitary hot water enough to avoid legionella while saving energy by avoiding constant heating.

Improved operational efficiencies

Information from the connected devices and systems in the room is served up to EcoStruxure™ Guest Room Expert, providing facility management with visibility and control of all conditions in the guest room. Staff can remotely troubleshoot and proactively resolve issues, sometimes before guests are even aware of a problem.

Benefits also for system integrators

The fully integrated solutions feature tested, validated, and documented architectures to enable rapid installation and easy, out-of-the-box commissioning for improved margins and on-time delivery.