Samotics clinches £10M contract from Yorkshire Water

Samotics has been selected by Yorkshire Water as its sole supplier of electrical signature analysis (ESA) until at least 2025, in a £10 million contract win.

The deal is part of Yorkshire Water’s Dynamic Maintenance programme. Earlier in January, two tenders were issued for two different condition-based monitoring (CBM) technologies – vibration and thermography, and ESA. The latter is a favoured form of asset monitoring within the water industry as it enables the remote capture of performance and efficiency data. By analysing the current and voltage signals via sensors in motor control cabinets, it bypasses the need to install sensors on, or even near, submerged and hard-to-reach assets.

Matt Armitage, business transformation lead – dynamic asset maintenance for Yorkshire Water, explained: “We’ve chosen Samotics as our sole supplier for ESA technology for the coming years because they have shown strong performance in the water industry and are the only company able to deliver this technology at scale.”

The ESA tender focused on optimising Yorkshire Water’s sewage network to ensure it delivers a “reliable and safe” service to its customers across Yorkshire and the Humber. In addition to sewage network optimisation, the tender sought to protect and optimise high-risk, large energy-consuming assets with long lead times that are difficult and expensive to monitor with conventional means. To meet these requirements, Samotics will utilise among other its automated clogging detection tool, which detects early signs of clogging to prevent pollution incidents and damage to pumps.

After the bid process, Yorkshire Water selected Samotics SAM4 and its ESA technology of choice. Samotics will monitor assets across the full sewage network, which is made up of over 1,000 stations, delivering services to 5.2 million customers and 140,000 businesses. The initial contract win is for 36 months, with the potential to extend by an additional 24 months.

SAM4 will also form a critical component of Yorkshire Water’s energy efficiency strategy – which aims to reduce electricity use by 28% by 2030 – as it provides full power and quality efficiency analysis across monitored assets. Utilising these insights to optimise operational processes can reduce energy waste and CO2 emissions by up to 15%.

Jasper Hoogeweegen, CEO at Samotics, concluded: “ESA is demonstrating clear value across the water industry, and we’re delighted that Yorkshire Water has selected Samotics to realise these benefits. Our SAM4 solutions will help to deliver a reliable service to Yorkshire Water’s customers while reducing costs and improving sustainability.”