Samotics and PIP partner to scale the global adoption of condition monitoring and energy efficiency solutions

Samotics, a provider of insights to eliminate industrial energy waste and unplanned downtime, has partnered with Partners in Performance (PIP) — a global player in operations for complex organisations — to deliver condition monitoring and energy efficiency services to global industries, enabling digital transformation.

As Samotics expands its global operations to help organisations access predictive maintenance benefits, this partnership with PIP marks a milestone for its growth strategy, focusing on delivering asset health and energy efficiency insights to a broader audience of industrial players. Its initial target industries are oil and gas and water and wastewater sectors in global markets, including the US and Australia.

Samotics’ SAM4 technology supports industrial players to monitor the performance and efficiency of assets. SAM4 is said to be a proven, scalable solution, already helping over 100 customers in five continents to make data-driven decisions. It solves a challenge for industrial organizations, including those in water, steel and chemicals, by enabling the remote capture of performance and efficiency data for assets in hard-to-reach, submerged and hazardous locations. This makes it an offering for PIP industrial client base, who are looking for an end-to-end solution to support their energy transition efforts.

PIP director Peter Mann said, “Our partnership with Samotics will help our clients improve asset performance while accelerating their energy transitions since they have a safe way of identifying energy inefficient equipment. With their machine learning (ML) algorithms in our arsenal, we can increase operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, while creating safer working environments by identifying potential issues before they can become a hazard.” 

Jasper Hoogeweegen, CEO at Samotics said: “Our SAM4 technology is delivering value to industries, helping to identify developing faults and meet carbon reduction goals. With our joint commitment to solving reliability challenges, PIP is a partner to help scale global adoption of our technology to more organisations.”

The SAM4 system is said to offer two unique solutions. SAM4 Health, the company’s flagship offering, analyses current and voltage signals of electric-driven equipment such as motors and pumps to detect electrical and mechanical faults. Using electrical signature analysis (ESA) and ML, SAM4 Health offers fault detection accuracy, detecting over 90% of failures up to five months in advance. SAM4 Energy — said to be the world’s first continuous monitoring system for industrial equipment efficiency — provides performance insights to identify where energy consumption, cost and efficiency losses are largest and implement data-driven recommendations.