Salvatori Robuschi pumps used on Italian project

Italian pump manufacturer Salvatori Robuschi has joined forces with an environmental and industrial management services company, SIMAM S.p.A from Senigallia, on a project at a water treatment plant in Terni, Italy. 

SIMAM, an engineering and construction company specialising in water and wastewater treatment, has just completed work on the MBR water treatment plant.  SIMAM supplied all the treatment plant equipment and chose Salvatore Robuschi to supply the pumps, which were all tested on the Salvatore Robuschi test bench before delivery.  Robuschi supplied more than 20 pumps for biological sludge circulation in ultrafiltration units.

The water treatment plant is owned by a large Italian company and handles concentrate from dyeing processes. Salvatore Robuschi’s heavy-duty RS pumps with a vortex impeller are used to treat a concentrate characterised by pH of 6-7 and containing small solids.  Robuschi cast iron PN10 pumps were used for the sludge.

Almost the entire range of the company’s pumps are being used on different parts of the project and its biggest pumps, the RB 300-46 with channel impeller, handle large quantities of liquid feed which also contains small solids to pressurise membranes.