Saltworks Technologies wins first order for next-generation UHP RO system

Saltworks Technologies has announced its first commercial order for an industrial Ultra High-Pressure Reverse Osmosis (UHP RO) system with Nitto high performing Hydranautics PRO-XP1 spiral wound membranes rated to 1,800 psi (124 bar).

Building on the seawater reverse osmosis systems, Ultra high-pressure RO operates at 50% higher pressure, which in turn halves the volume of brine produced. This means less waste and more clean water, claimed the firm.

Saltworks began working on UHP RO two years ago, and found that Hydranautics  membranes provided best performance. Since then, the firm has been pilot testing UHP RO on several customer applications including factory wastewater, mining waters, cooling tower blowdown and ion exchange regeneration waste.

A US manufacturer of advanced materials, which was the first full-scale industrial client, will make use of the system. The system will help the client to achieve a ten times reduction in disposal volume, while recovering clean water for re-use, claimed Saltworks.

Saltworks CEO Ben Sparrow said: “We see wide applications for UHP RO to help clients save money, save water, and reduce waste. As PFAS becomes more important in North America, UHP RO is set to play a significant part of in solutions, driving down waste volumes sent to disposal wells or to destruction. In our testing, Hydranautics membranes have out-performed expectations and enable the next generation of reverse osmosis and brine recovery.”

Hydranautics vice president of technology Dr. Craig Bartels said: “As a technological leader in the industry, Nitto has a long line of industry ‘firsts’ as well as having advanced manufacturing facilities with the latest in automation technology. The PRO-XP1 is a new ultra high-pressure product in the PRO series line, which offers novel NF and RO products for treatment of the most difficult industrial wastewater applications.”

While UHP RO builds on seawater RO, it needs speciality membranes, new spiral element designs, and process-control art to enable the solution. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.