SAER enlarges range of close coupled pump series

SAER has introduced new sizes and types to its range of close coupled IR pumps.
SAER’s latest IR pumps have been introduced.

Italian pump manufacturer SAER releases its latest catalogue which includes the introduction of new sizes and types of its close coupled IR pumps for water management.

The new issue includes more than 800 models in two and four poles, with outlets from DN32–DN200 and power ratings from 0.37–90 kiloWatts. They include a super duplex version, in addition to the cast iron, stainless steel AISI 316, bronze and spheroidal cast iron models. New models offer two and four poles for power up to 90 kiloWatts. In addition, there is also a version with an IE 4 efficiency motor.

The IR pumps are also offered with an inverter on the motor board up to 15 kiloWatts, which regulates the rotation speed of the motor, modifying the performance of the pump to adapt to the conditions of use. A pump equipped with an inverter has several advantages, including less wear of mechanical components and a reduction of water hammer risk on the system. This reduces the pump’s life costs and offers energy savings with minimal impact on the environment.

Here are the company’s core values :

  • flexibility : To supply tailor-made products according to the customer’s needs
  • efficiency : Lower than average delivery times in terms of performance and delivery due to entirely Italian production
  • innovation : An ever-evolving range compliant with international standards and faithful to local Made in Italy trademark
  • versatility : Multiple configurations and different sectors of use i.e. agriculture, oil and gas, civil, industrial, mining, reverse osmosis and fire protection industries).