Rusco expands product line with three new filter cartridges

Improvements target small sediment and harmful contaminants like arsenic and lead.

With an aim to improve water quality through innovation, Rusco expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of three new filter cartridges, including a carbon block, pleated and melt blown spun media. The new cartridges are designed to enhance sediment removal capabilities and widen applications to address chemical contamination concerns.

Michael Klump, president of Rusco, commented: “With our new cartridges, customers can now count on us for protection against everything from a grain of sand during pre-treatment, which over time damage costly appliances, to invisible chemicals like arsenic and lead. We are excited to now offer a complete line of filtration products which can be combined to filter any of the harshest water conditions.”

Previously offering mesh filters limited to a 15μm capacity, the latest installament of spun and pleated filter cartridges improves sediment removal efficiency to as low as 1μm through advancements in composition, surface area and pore size. The activated carbon units, which operates at a rate of 10μm, address areas not covered by existing products, including taste and odour, lead and chlorine, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals.

A lineup of six different types of filter cartridges is now offered by Rusco. Each is compatible with the company’s existing filters to include the Rusco Spin-Down and Sediment Trapper filter units, known for their clear housing that makes it easy to identify when it’s time to clean or replace. Users can maximise efficiency by pairing filters with the Rusco Smart Ball Valve unveiled last month, which automatically flushes filtration systems with a voice command using existing home automation or simple click of a button via smart device. All cartridges and accessories are made available through Rusco’s distributors.

“This marks the second major announcement this year, and we’re excited to continue the momentum into 2022,” Klump concluded.