RoyalHaskoningDHV Digital and WBL twin up

Under this scheme, Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg will collaborate with RoyalHaskoning DHV Digital to focus on the modernization of a total of seventeen wastewater treatment plants and one hundred and forty nine wastewater sewage treatment systems. This new collaboration is separated into two areas: the implementation of a big data platform and the execution of the Aquasuite machine learning platform which assesses the real-time performance of all WBL’s 149 sewage pumping stations in order to detect any abnormalities. Beginning in September this year, all pumping stations will be fully operational.


Remy Sleijpen, Board Member said: “Over the years to come, WBL will take an essential next step in the development of data-driven business operations. By choosing Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, we have gained a partner with a valuable combination of expertise: in-depth knowledge of wastewater treatment management and digital know-how.”

Due to the nature of their work, both organizations hope to turn to digital transformation as a method of making their operations and maintenance systems more efficient, smarter and more future-ready. This is why WBL has chosen Microsoft Azure as their main system, bearing in mind few cloud platforms can compare in terms of its structural demand.

Aris Witteborg, who is a leading professional in Digital Smart Water, believes that this digital partnership will be the way forward in wastewater management technology and expresses delight that their motto of “enhancing solutions together” will be fulfilled.