Royal HaskoningDHV’s Aquasuite automates water production and distribution for Vitens

Water use varies greatly depending on the time of day, location, weather and many other factors. The challenge for water companies is how to predict and meet the demand as well as to keep the system resilient from the effects of climate change and maturing workforce. Aquasuite OPIR from Royal HaskoningDHV is a tool that predicts water needs, driving more accurate production and distribution. The result? Keeping control of water supply assets, lower energy consumption, and better water quality.

Aquasuite is a smart water technology that monitors, analyses, visualises and controls the performance of water and wastewater infrastructure through predictive analytics and machine learning. It serves as a virtual operator with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics and autopilot that provides visibility across the complete water and wastewater network and treatment, and controls day-to-day operations.

Aquasuite consists of five products, each addressing a different challenge in the drinking water and wastewater process. The products work separately yet integrated to create a tool to control drinking water and wastewater proficiently. Royal HaskoningDHV worked with Vitens, a drinking water provider based in the Netherlands, to implement Aquasuite OPIR, a tool used to centralise, automate, and optimise drinking water production.

How Aquasuite OPIR works
Aquasuite OPIR collects both historical and real-time water consumption data in all areas. Meanwhile, it considers factors that influence water use. Examples include the time of the day, event such as holidays and festivals, and a feature that recognises and predicts deviating water consumption due to weather conditions.

The application interfaces with existing control systems and processes via SCADA and PLCs, and provides set points for controllable assets. The set points ensure minimum energy usage and the lowest achievable pressure. Meanwhile, they also ensure minimum pump switching to reduce pressure transients, and a constant production flow to improve water quality. As a holistic, integrated optimiser, Aquasuite OPIR enables water supply companies to meet customer requirements and demand. At the same time, it reduces expenditure and leakage. With Aquasuite OPIR, the company added, approximately 60% of drinking water is supplied in the Netherlands with leakage rates of around 5-6%.

The full article is published in the Water & Wastewater Asia Nov/Dec 2021 issue. To continue reading, click here.