Robuschi pressure and vacuum technology supports wastewater treatment plants in the fight against harmful bacteria

With population growth increasing, wastewater treatment plants are faced with the challenge of managing increased capacity and preventing excess waste from flowing into the environment. While the experts in wastewater treatment focus on ensuring that plants operate at their peak and effectively treat wastewater, experts like Robuschi, by Gardner Denver, are focusing their efforts on developing efficient and high-performance pressure and vacuum equipment tailored for wastewater treatment plants.

In recent years, antibiotic resistant bacteria, also known as superbugs, have become an increasing threat to human health. With the ability to affect anyone, of any age and from any region; superbugs are placing a strain on modern medicine by prolonging illnesses while increasing the cost of and reducing access to both medicine and treatment. The potential impact of superbugs goes beyond the individual, negatively affecting everything from food security to economic development, and forcing even developed nations back to a time when common infections or minor scrapes can easily turn into life threatening medical conditions.

As the battle against superbugs continues, we are learning more and more about these organisms, where they come from, and how we can better protect ourselves against them. While there is no single ‘silver bullet’ solution, it is clear that proper hygiene and waste management practices can reduce the spread and impact of superbugs. While thoroughly washing hands and keeping up to date with recommended vaccines can have a significant impact on the spread of superbugs; proper wastewater treatment and management practices play a key role in preventing their development.

Thought of as the bridge between the human and natural environments, the wastewater treatment industry plays a key role in the battle against superbugs. By removing solids and pollutants from sewage before returning it back to the environment, wastewater treatment plants are often one of the first lines of defence against the formation of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and their release into environments where they can then come into contact with humans.

Having a long history of supplying aeration equipment to the wastewater treatment industry, Robuschi is a trusted and reliable partner to provide cost effective solutions for both new plants and existing installations.

Energy Efficient
Wastewater treatment plants are known for their high energy usage, with energy costs accounting for approximately 30 per cent of total operational costs. Aeration systems are responsible for over half of this total, making them the largest energy users in a plant. It is no surprise then, that operators keep energy efficiency front of mind when looking to reduce costs. With even small gains in efficiency translating into tangible savings, operators are increasingly turning to state-of-the-art aeration equipment to lower their energy and lifecycle costs, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Robuschi’s range of screw compressors are designed to provide operators with significant energy savings. Combining innovative elements such as Robuschi’s screw compressors, permanent magnet motors, and smart process control tools, Robuschi’s screw compressors can help wastewater treatment plants halve their running costs.

Smart and Flexible
Data and information can play a crucial role in helping operators maximise efficiency. Remote diagnostics and predictive analytics can provide operators with the information and flexibility needed to more effectively plan operations, maintenance and downtime; optimising efficiency and driving energy savings.

Robuschi’s screw compressors are equipped with the latest generation of human-machine interface (HMI) touch screen control panels; providing operators with an intuitive, easy to use way of operating and monitoring their equipment. Featuring a straightforward wireless or Ethernet connection, Robuschi compressors can be monitored and adjusted remotely from anywhere in the world, in real time. Compressors equipped with Robuschi’s Smart Process Control tool can help operators realise further gains in efficiency. Using ‘smart’ technology to analyse oxygen data received directly from the process, the tool adjusts the unit’s operating parameters to match operating conditions, all without interrupting process.

Simple. Compact. Innovative.
Robuschi’s compressors feature an innovative compact design, 30 per cent smaller than traditional screw compressors, that is ideal for facilities where physical space is at a premium. Featuring a lean layout, with a permanent magnet motor, including stator, rotor, and direct assembly on the compressor shaft; and a wear free design, Robuschi’s compressors ensure simplicity and ease of maintenance.

With a built-in electric supply board and integrated variable frequency drive, Robuschi’s compressors are ‘plug and play’ and come ready to be installed. Each unit simply needs to be connected to a facilities piping, electrical power, and control system, ensuring quick and simple installation. Equipped with forced cooling, each compressor’s electrical cabinet provides reliable and safe operation in even the warmest environments, while the cabinet’s smart layout provides easy access and diagnostics, simplifying troubleshooting and maintenance.

Whether building new plants or refurbishing existing installations, plant operators are faced with the challenge of selecting equipment that will provide the right balance of performance, energy efficiency, and low cost. Robuschi acts as a trusted partner, providing a team of expert engineers to work with plant operators to evaluate their application, select the right technology, and configure their compressor using best practices. This approach ensures that compressors deliver the exact amount of air required by each step of their processes, maximising efficiency and minimising lifecycle costs.