Return of NEWBrew, Singapore’s craft beer made with NEWater

Singapore’s national water agency PUB will partner with Brewerkz, Singapore’s longest-running craft brewery experience, to bring back NEWBrew for Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2020 (5 to 9 July). Made with NEWater – Singapore’s own brand of ultra-high-grade recycled water, the special brew is set to return with a brand-new twist. A limited quantity will also be available for public sale in the month of July.

A look at NEWBrew during SIWW 2018

A uniquely Singapore beer with an ultra-clean crisp finish
When it first debuted at SIWW 2018, NEWBrew proved to be highly popular with the 24,000 visitors to the water show. They had found its special taste profile, and its clean and crisp finish, to be quite irresistable. The fact that NEWBrew was made from NEWater — a product of treated used water further purified with advanced membrane technologies and ultraviolet disinfection — added to its allure.

Encouraged by this popularity, PUB, organiser of the biennial SIWW conference, has asked Brewerkz to produce 10,000 litres of NEWBrew for SIWW 2020. The limited-edition craft brew will be served to delegates attending the show. In addition, PUB is also pleased to partner NTUC FairPrice to make a limited run of canned NEWBrew available for public sale at selected FairPrice outlets in July 2020.

Delegates at SIWW 2018 enjoying the taste of NEWBrew

NEWBrew Hopularity Contest showcases local homebrewing efforts
To create this year’s NEWBrew, PUB is collaborating with Brewerkz to organise a NEWBrew Hopularity Contest. This is a first-ever contest that will allow Singapore’s community of homebrewers to have a go at crafting what will eventually be served during SIWW 2020 and sold in FairPrice stores. We are excited to see how a supply of PUB’s NEWater and Brewerkz’s recipe can let Singaporean brewing talents come up with a winning brew. We expect that our contestants will find NEWater to be a perfect complement for beer brewing, and go on to concoct brews with unique flavours of Singapore. The entry judged to possess the most interesting and delectable taste will be crowned champion and become the version that Brewerkz will go on to produce for SIWW 2020.

“We are delighted to partner Brewerkz to bring back NEWBrew for Singapore International Water Week 2020. Brewed using NEWater, Singapore’s unique brand of ultra-clean, high grade recycled water, NEWBrew is part of our efforts to educate Singaporeans on the importance of water recycling and reuse as a strategy to achieve water sustainability. It also reinforces the message that NEWater is perfectly clean and safe for drinking, that can also be used to make beverages like beer,“ said Mr Ryan Yuen, Managing Director of SIWW.

“We are proud of this collaboration between Singapore’s longest-running craft brewery experience and one of the world’s most important water event in the global calendar. NEWater is symbolic to all Singaporeans as it plays a part in our everyday lives and is synonymous to our country’s innovativeness and resourcefulness. As a home-grown craft brewery of 23 years, water quality is critical to our product; more so, water that is sustainably produced. We wish to highlight this message in an innovative way. This is why we’re introducing this brewing competition,” said Mr Tan Wee Han, CEO and owner of Brewerkz.