projects growth for reverse osmosis market

The global reverse osmosis (RO) market size is project to reach US$5 billion by 2026 from $3.1 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 10% during the forecast period, according to’s latest findings.

The report, entitled Global Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market by Type, End-use Industry, Filter Module, Application, and Region – Forecast to 2026, pointed out the increased demand for RO membrane in water and wastewater treatment is driving the market. In addition, growing water scarcity and developing government regulations mandating treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater are also driving the RO membrane market. The increase in demand for industrial process water and growth in urbanisation in the emerging economies, such as Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America, are also driving the market.

Thin-film composite membranes accounted for the largest share amongst other types
Thin-film composite membranes are widely for water and wastewater treatment, and are manufactured largely for use in water purification or desalination systems. These membranes, the report noted, have “high rejection” for unwanted materials such as metal ions and salts, good mechanical strength, and high filtration rate. In addition, these membranes possess chemical and mechanical stability, and portray membrane formability characteristics.

Also, these membranes have been recognised to promote water permeation thus, high water recovery and good quality of treated water.

Water and wastewater treatment accounted for the largest market share and amongst other end-use industry
The report identified water and wastewater treatment segment is estimated to be the largest end-use for the RO membrane market. Water shortage and improving regulations mandating wastewater treatment and reuse are driving the market for water and wastewater treatment segment. Rising demand for potable water from countries such as China, India, Brazil, African nations, and others have also led to the large market size.

In addition, increasing desalination activities in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, India, China, US, and others expected to further drive the market for water and wastewater treatment.

Asia-Pacific projected to grow the fastest
Asia-Pacific is predicted to be the fast-growing region amongst others in the RO membrane market in 2020, in terms of value. Increasing government initiatives in providing water access to all, an increase in the population, and heightened urbanisation are driving the market in Asia-Pacific. China, Japan and India are the major markets in this region. In addition, expanding industrial activities, residential and commercial sector growth in countries such as Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and others, are also driving the market growth of water and wastewater treatment in the RO membrane industry.