Reproducible valve and dosing pump regulation made easy with control knobs DK01, DKA02 and DK05

Exact valve setting, reproducible adjustment of stroke lengths on dosing pumps or manual flow rate regulation – as a leading provider of mechanical position indicators, SIKO has developed new control knobs featuring an integrated digital indicator and a highly compact design for these typical tasks in process engineering.

The major benefit of a control knob with an integrated indicator is the fact that selected settings are easy to reproduce. Compared with simple rotary knobs featuring a division scale, control knobs also allow for precise setting of any intermediate position. Primarily in the case of longer adjustment strokes of up to 100 revolutions, the control knobs come into their own with a high level of accuracy and resolution. Even the finest of calibrations in procedural processes can thus be repeated with a minimal set-up time. A compact, ergonomically shaped knurled knob and the DK01 star handle, which is available as an option, literally ensure safe and precise positioning with one grip.

The counting mechanism technology is based on SIKO’s position indicators, which have proven their worth millions of times over, and thus guarantees a long service life under challenging ambient conditions. The proven hollow shaft assembly with torque support means the control knobs DK01, DKA02 and DK05 can be put to use in any installation position.

SIKO even offers a solution for optimum visualization of non-linear flow characteristics. The miniature positioning knob DKA02 has a toothed differential gearbox which underpins the control knob’s rotary movement on an analog indicator. Adjustment ranges of up to 26 revolutions can thus be illustrated. The use of an additional fine division scale makes for accurate settings, right down to the micrometer range.

The analog display of the DKA02, which boasts outstanding readability due to a large inspection window, can be printed individually depending on the application case. It is thus possible both for positive and negative indicator values to be represented and for non-linear adjustment processes to be clearly illustrated. Especially when used with flow valves, a customer-specific, analog scale allows the set opening degree to be clearly reproduced. SIKO offers this solution even from a lot size of just one item.