Report identifies opportunities for successful co-digestion at water resource recovery facilities

Enviro Tech Chemical Services (ETCS) is pleased to announce the National Organic Programme (NOP) unanimously voted to add Potassium Hypochlorite Solution (KOCI) to the national list of allowed materials for use in organic handling.

Enviro Tech’s Potassium Hypochlorite Solution (KOCl) met the NOP’s requirements and was voted in favour to be NOP listed for use under Crop Management Tools and Production Aids (CT) – as a Crop Production Material (7 CFR 205.601(2)(v). By meeting these requirements, KOCl will support organic growers and their Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) water quality requirements that state: all agricultural water must be safe and of adequate sanitary quality for its intended use.

Enviro Tech is the only EPA registrant of KOCl in the United States, which they have branded as Enviro Klor™, a biocide that eliminates algae, bacteria and minerals in agricultural irrigation water systems. 

Enviro Tech CEO Michael Harvey says, “We’re excited about this new listing opportunity because we know growers are seeking an organic, sodium-free water treatment option that doesn’t render sodic soil conditions or become phytotoxic to plants.” He added, “We’re confident we have an environmentally-friendly solution that meets their needs.”

Growers can benefit from the KOCI solution because it contains potassium, which supports optimal plant health and vigour. Potassium is one of the three required plant nutrients needed to maintain plant growth along with phosphorus and nitrogen. Plus, Potassium does not leach through soil to contaminate ground watercourses, as does sodium. This is particularly important in arid regions such as the Central Valley of California.

Enviro Tech Chemical Services has partnered with HASA, a leading producer and distributor of high-quality water treatment products, to provide broad availability of its Enviro Klor™ product.

Harvey concluded, “We’re excited about our partnership with HASA, and firmly believe this is a win-win situation for everyone. By partnering with this best-in-class sodium hypochlorite solutions manufacturer, we now have broad availability of Enviro Klor™, an organic, sodium-free, high-quality water treatment product that growers can use to protect their fields and watersheds while conserving water.”