Replacement project in Singapore biggest contract in company’s history

inge GmbH has announced the recent signing of the biggest contract in the company’s history. The contract, which was concluded in November 2019, covers 68 trains of inge®’s T-Rack® 3.0 solution equipped with well over 7,000 dizzer® XL type modules. These will replace old UF membranes from a different manufacturer at the Tuas South desalination plant in Singapore, which has a UF production capacity of 760 MLD. The plant produces drinking water for municipal use.

The end user has had positive experiences with inge® in the past. Singapore’s TUAS 3 desalination plant already boasts outstanding membrane performance thanks to inge®’s products. This prompted the Singapore-based total water solution provider Memiontec to choose inge® on this occasion as well, with the approval of the end user.

Tuas South desalination plant is one of Asia’s biggest seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants for drinking water production. Construction of the desalination plant began in July 2011 and commissioning was completed in September 2013.

The desalination plant is designed for a capacity of 318,500 m³ (70 million gallons) a day. Now the time has come to replace the existing UF solution at the desalination unit – and inge® has been commissioned to supply the new modules.