Renew Group expands to APAC with launch of smart RO water treatment system

The latest modular HANS premium water reverse osmosis system will be launched, alongside a full suite of products at the Singapore International Water Week 2022, officiating Renew Group’s foray into the Asia-Pacific market.

HANS Premium Water smart RO system.

Renew Group has announced its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region with the launch of the latest HANS Premium Water smart reverse osmosis (RO) system at the upcoming Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2022.

The company will also unveil its full suite of products—HANS Quad, pre- and post-water treatment modules and redundancy pump to complement the RO process. Enhanced with the HANS Quad, the HANS Premium Water smart RO system has a higher water capacity for large-scale business processes. The pre-treatment process includes water softening, a carbon and iron filter and post-water treatment ultimately produces deionised (DI), pure water. By utilising a combination of RO and DI, HANS Premium Water can provide water treatment for businesses relying on pure water for industrial or commercial processes.

Ravinder Sajwan, CEO of Renew Group, explained: “HANS Premium Water provides clean water provides at the point of consumption, significantly reducing the need for plastic bottled water. It is also used to treat wastewater, maximising the water cycle.”

Designed to maximise water-saving potential, the latest HANS Premium Water smart water RO system is equipped with a double filter function, ensuring that after the first round of RO, the remaining untreated water which typically gets disposed of, undergoes further RO. The result is a higher percentage of pure water obtained from wastewater or a 95% recovery rate, according to Renew Group. This results in less water wasted and more water recycled, integrating into a circular economy.

HANS Mobile Dashboard.

Complementing the solution are the one-stop smart IoT-powered HANS Mobile and Enterprise App that provide businesses with access to water usage, quality, pressure, filter life and total dissolved solids (TDS) levels. This ensures clean water quality round the clock and streamlined system management. All data is saved in the cloud, to provide data analysis for future call-to-actions, which can be accessed with a quick tap.