RAPTOR™, a proven waste-to-energy technology, wins the Process and Control Engineering Award

Managing Director of CST Wastewater Solutions, Michael Bambridge, with the PACE Award

RAPTOR™ (Rapid Transformation of Organic Residues), an internationally successful waste-to-energy technology has won the 2017 Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Awards in the water and wastewater category, held at Doltone House in Sydney, Australia.

The Global Water Engineering (GWE) anaerobic digestion technology – represented in Australasia by CST Wastewater Solutions – extracts biogas from virtually any biological waste stream, including municipal food service facilities,  municipal solid waste, and organic wastes from industrial processing facilities, among many others.

“It’s fantastic to get recognition for this technology, which turns a costly and odorous problem into a source of renewable energy in the form of biogas,” Managing Director of CST Wastewater Solutions, Michael Bambridge, said. “Typically the costs involved in implementing the technology are repaid within the first five years – sometimes sooner – and then it can go on delivering benefits and profits virtually in perpetuity.”

The environmentally advanced technologies transform waste organic materials and wastewaters from an environmental liability into a profit centre, and GWE’s RAPTOR™ is a powerful liquid-state anaerobic digestion process that consists of enhanced pre-treatment followed by multi-step biological fermentation.

Ideally suited to both industrial and municipal applications in Australasia, RAPTOR™ showed its worth in Del Monte Philippines, demonstrating its potential for similar applications here.