Rancho California Water District Selects SCADAWatch for Real-Time Operational Decision Support

Innovyze Software to Help District Drive Operational Improvements

Innovyze today announced that Rancho California Water District, California, has chosen industry-leading SCADAWatch software to monitor performance of its water distribution system and drive operational decisions. The software helps the District leverage its current investment in ArcGIS technology from Esri (Redlands, CA) with real-time visualization and predictive analytics to optimize operational efficiencies.

From its beginning in 1965 serving a small community, Rancho California Water District has seen its service area grow in to a city with over 12,000 irrigated acres of avocado, grape and citrus crops; over 37,000-residential customers; and nearly 1,611 commercial users. The area covers over 156 square miles, serving portions of the City of Temecula, the City of Murrieta and unincorporated portions of the County of Riverside, with a population of more than 147,600. The District’s water distribution system comprises 31 pump stations, 48 active potable groundwater production wells, 39 storage reservoirs with a capacity of 149.7 million gallons, and 903 miles of pipelines.

“SCADAWatch equips us with real-time operational and predictive analytics that help us make faster and more confident decisions for optimal performance of our water distribution system,” said Warren Back, P.E., Engineering Operations Manager for the District. “They give us a comprehensive view into the performance of our water systems and enable us to improve operational decisions and better manage risks with information to make decisions about asset renewal and rehabilitation. As a component of the District’s Asset Management Plan, SCADAWatch is envisioned to reduce cost to customers while maintaining required customer service levels.”

SCADAWatch equips utilities with the first-ever scalable framework for proactively viewing, sharing and analyzing water operational information, key performance indicator (KPI) measures and hydraulic and water quality data in motion on a real-time business dashboard. It automatically generates comprehensive, high fidelity performance reports to help utilities develop the optimal course of action based on specific performance objectives. Overall performance of all critical assets can be displayed both in real time and on a periodic basis (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or year-to-year overview).

The software enables water utilities to monitor everything from uptime to analytics, instantly compute non-revenue water and minimum nighttime flows, focus on what matters, react faster to important events, solve day-to-day operational and maintenance problems, and identify opportunities to drive operational efficiencies as they happen.

“Rancho California Water District is well known for its unwavering commitment to providing first-class customer service and water use efficiency,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, Dist.M.ASCE, NAE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “We’re delighted to play a part in the success of these vital efforts by helping the District meet its corporate and strategic goals, and achieve world-class performance at breakthrough savings.”