PUB: New Chairman and Board Members appointed

Singapore’s National Water Agency, PUB announced changes to its board on 30th March, Thursday. With effect from 1st April 2017, Mr Chiang Chie Foo, 61, the former Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Defence, will be taking over the position of Chairman. The outgoing Chairman, Mr Tan Gee Paw, 73, will be bowing out after heading the agency since 2001.

It was Mr Tan who supervised the development of the “diversified and robust” water supply that is made up of the four National Taps, PUB stated.


Mr Tan Gee Paw, the outgoing Chairman of PUB, oversaw the development of the four National Taps. Photo credit: PUB


Mr Chiang Chie Foo, the next Chairman of PUB. Photo credit: PUB 

Other board members who will be stepping down upon the conclusion of their term on 31st March are Mr lim How Teck, Chairman of Redwood International Pte Ltd and Mr Zainal bin Sapari, Director of the Centre for Contract & Causal Workers, NTUC.

Board members who have been re-appointed are Ms Janet Ang, Vice President, Systems of Engagement & Smerter Cities, IBM Asia Pacific; Professor Quek Tong Boon, Chief Executive, National Robotics Programme and Chief Scientific Advisor of the Ministry of Trade and Industry; Professor Chang Eng Soon, Provost’s Chair Professor, Faculty of Engineering, NUS; Mr Tan Wah Yeow, Deputy Managing Partner of KPMG Singapore; and Mr Chan Beng Seng, Director (Sector Development & Commissioning)/(Healthcare Finance, Resourcing), Ministry of Health.

New board members include Mr Abu Bakar bin Mohd Nor, Managing Director of Keppel Singapore Pte ltd; Mr S Thiagarajan, Director (Strategy), Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit, NTUC; and Mr Tan Siong Leng, the Deputy Chief Executive of URA (retired).

“PUB extends its appreciation to Mr Tan Gee Paw, Mr Lim How Teck and Mr Zainal bin Sapari for their years of invaluable contributions to the board,” PUB stated in a press release. “PUB also warmly welcomes its new Chairman, Mr Chiang Chee Foo and all new and returning Board members.”