Product star award for NX Filtration by DBCWEC, China

NX Filtration hollow fibre nanofiltration (dNF) membrane technology has been awarded the product star accolade organised by the Desalination Branch of China Water Enterprises Confederation (DBCWEC) at the Qingdao international water conference and water exhibition, and the Water Industry China Starlight Award evaluation ceremony in Qingdao, China.

The product star award underscores NX Filtration in delivering solutions for water treatment, and marks its dNF membrane technology breakthrough in the Chinese water industry. dNF membranes are suited for micropollutant removal, and provide an energy-saving approach for clean water production.

At the conference, system integrator GreenTech announced the dNF membrane treatment process, GTMOST, which reportedly received acclaim from the review board of water treatment technology experts. GTMOST is said to offer a safe and intensive solution for high-quality drinking water production using surface water as the water source, and it holds technical and economic value. The experts encouraged Greentech to advance the engineering and construction of the full-scale treatment plant.