Preserving Precious Water

Water conservation is vitally important in California.

While 2016 has been a relatively good year for rain and snowfall across the state — and rain in the northern part of the state throughout October was most welcome, for the past three years Californians have been living with a state-declared drought emergency — and Southern California has been hit the hardest, since 2011 the area has experienced the driest weather since record-keeping began.

“For several years California residents have been living with water restrictions and conservation methods to mitigate the devastating impacts of the drought that has gripped the state,” says George Micevski, President of Tulsar Canada Ltd. “But strong, vibrant communities benefit from active and passive greenspaces where families can enjoy their leisure time. That means a need to keep grasses green and trees alive, which in turns means a need for water.”

The drought has claimed an estimated 12 million trees in Southern California, and many residents have opted to remove their lawns to reduce their water needs. But even in drought conditions, water restrictions don’t mean cutting out water all together. It’s a matter of being smarter with how water is used.

Custom designed control panels can help keep parklands green by carefully monitoring and managing sprinkler systems to provide a precise amount of water at times when it can be most effective. Similar panels safely and efficiently manage the wastewater from public bathrooms or large facilities, significantly reducing the risk of a spill that may contaminate precious fresh water sources.

Water and wastewater control panels are an integral part of water and wastewater infrastructure, reducing the risk of human error and freeing up workers to attend to more productive tasks than watching a sprinkler run in a park.

“Water management is vitally important to ensuring stable supplies of water are available for California communities,” says Micevski. “The right control panel, measuring water flows to ensure a tank neither overflows nor runs dry, while maintaining safe movement of the water, is key to this effort.”

Tulsar specializes in custom control panels designed to address specific and unique water and wastewater challenges. Because each panel it builds and programs is different, there is no one-size-fits all blueprint that enables clients to properly service their panel. Given the diverse nature and geographic spread of Tulsar clients, neither is it feasible for its engineers to be on site for all of its clients’ needs.