Power Knot launches effluent pump for above groundwater wastewater management

Power Knot, a provider of on-site organic waste management solutions, has introduced a new effluent pump system to help pump wastewater when grade level drains are unable. The WEP pump is compatible with the LFC biodigester family, which now has eight different models that can process from 10kg up to 3,000kg of food waste per day.

The WEP pump is a fully automatic machine made of stainless steel. It can be installed with plumbing connections, and the pump can eject water at a height of up to 3.5m. Incorporated into the WEP pump is a filter that can trap solids in the wastewater. This, Power Knot added, will clean the wastewater to ensure compliance with strict regulations.

Iain Milnes, president at Power Knot, explained that the WEP pump is developed to provide a solution for operators that are installing machines that generate wastewater. He elaborated: “The WEP pump allows installation of such machines in places without a nearby grade level drain. This new product is easy to deploy, clean, and completely odourless.”

The machine comprises a tank into which the wastewater flows by gravity. The pump is fitted outside the tank so that it can be easily serviced. The entire system is self-contained with the computer board integrated as part of the assembly. Level sensors indicate when the pump should be activated, and the software is smart to accommodate for installations on a ship where the WEP pump may be rocking from side to side.

The filter is accessible without tools and can accommodate bags of different filter sizes. The bag can be removed in cases where filtration is not required.

The input and output of the WEP pump use sanitary fittings for ease of connections in a variety of situations. When sued with LFC biodigesters, Power Knot can supply appropriate connecting kits.

The WEP pump is available for ordering with shipments starting next month.