Potential killer in UK water systems is monitored via ‘internet of things’

A pair of young entrepreneurs have developed a revolutionary smart sensor that is purpose-built to wage war on the deadly legionella bug.

Technology expert Florin Mangu and water hygiene engineer Joe Finn are launching the new Remote Tech ‘S1’ sensor via their research and development company, in response to the increase in the number of legionella outbreaks in the UK.   The device monitors water systems and sends an alert if conditions are rife for legionella, a water-borne bacterium that thrives within a specific temperature range. This is of particular importance given the 43 per cent rise in confirmed cases of legionella in England and Wales between 2015 and 2018.  The sensor enjoyed remarkable results and it is hoped that it will be available across Europe in the very near future.

The sensor makes use of ‘internet of things’ technology – whereby an intelligent device is connected via the web and is able to communicate data.

Water expert Joe says: “Legionella is a potential killer that can lurk within any water system. If it gets into your lungs it can cause Legionnaires’ disease, which is a virulent type of pneumonia. The young and elderly are particularly at risk. During a major outbreak, approximately one in ten people who get Legionnaires’ disease will die.”

Technology expert Florin says: “Our sensor is the first of its kind to be specifically designed for legionella. It uses smart technology to detect any abnormalities in temperature.  Every two seconds the sensor checks for any changes within a set threshold. We can use this data to provide a comprehensive record in order to keep the public safe at all times.”

When temperatures are normal the sensor remains in live sleep mode and only sends a message to a server once every three hours, hence saving on battery power.  But if temperatures change, it awakes and sends an alert.

The device removes the need for regular site visits, hence reducing carbon footprints. It is currently undergoing extensive trials in conjunction with a number of large institutions and commercial companies.

Florin said: “The feedback we have received so far is extremely positive and we are currently negotiating contracts with clients in a number of different sectors. The S1 sensor is eco-friendly for a cleaner, safe environment”.