Portable wastewater sampler speeds up collections at different times and locations

Supervisors and technicians responsible for gathering multiple remote wastewater samples throughout the day from one or more locations will want to learn more about the versatile, efficient and easy-to-use Aqua-Multix portable water sampler from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD), which helps save them both time and money.

Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems are frequently large and complex or even remote, which makes it impractical to place fixed analysers everywhere they might be desirable to ensure water effluent quality. The reality of this situation becomes especially clear when equipment is malfunctioning and analysis needs to be done to resolve unforeseen problems. That is where portable samplers prove themselves to be invaluable.

Driving, lugging and setting up portable water samplers, however, for spot-checks, trouble-shooting or maintenance activities to test wastewater, storm water or industrial effluent can be a time-consuming task. That is why ECD’s Aqua-Multix portable water sampler with its choice of four different modular, removable multi-bottle carousel collection vessels is a solution that helps improve productivity to free technicians for other important tasks.

The Aqua-Multix sampler features multiple bottle collection with a quick “lift-off” design for bottle exchange or one of four other different styles of collection vessels, including a 25-litre single tank container, glass bottles or plastic bottles. The unique lift-off design makes changing collection bottles or carousel vessels extremely quick and simple.

The Aqua-Multix is designed with an open aluminium frame structure to provide technicians with easy visual inspection of the collected samples. Users will quickly appreciate being able to see and confirm each sample is depositing correctly into its container without having to dismantle any part of the unit. They also will appreciate its lightweight construction—only 8.5 kg, which can be hand-carried or loaded onto a cart.

The Aqua-Multix sampler features an advanced air pump vacuum sampling system, which delivers an extremely accurate, reliable, representative and repeatable sample. This design eliminates the problems than can exist with other types of sampling techniques.

As with stationary style samplers, the Aqua-Multix sampler supports the extraction of samples from either non-pressurised or pressurised effluent pipe sources. A pressurised pipeline interface accessory is optional and available at a modest cost.

Programming set-up and daily operation of the Aqua-Multix sampler has been designed for the user to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Sample extraction can be manual, time-based or triggered by external sources such as flow meters, level sensors, pH meters, PLC’s etc.

The Aqua-Multix sampler can be supplied with a sample temperature monitoring module. With this option the minimum, maximum, average and present sample temperatures can be monitored and displayed. Additionally, all Aqua samplers can be configured with data logging for downloads to a PC or other devices via its USB port connection.

The Aqua-Multix sampler comes with a choice of power options. They can be AC powered: 110, 220 or 230 VAC. They are available with an external 12 VDC power supply or can be powered via an integral battery that can provide up to 350 samples on a full charge.

Designed for demanding environments, the Aqua-Multix sampler features a rugged IP55 rating. They are suitable for use in temperatures from -10 to 50°C.