PolyCera names Dr. Jinwen Wang Vice President of Product Development

PolyCera, Inc., which designs and manufactures innovative membrane technology solutions serving the global water, wastewater and process separation markets, has appointed Dr. Jinwen Wang to Vice President of Product Development.

Dr. Wang heads the PolyCera membrane product development business function, which is tasked with continuous product improvement and productization of PolyCera’s growing portfolio as well as supporting PolyCera’s global business development. He previously served as Director of Product Development at the company.

He has been with PolyCera since its inception. Earlier, he was Product Manager and Lead Membrane Scientist at Water Planet, Inc., where he led the research and productization of PolyCera’s ultrafiltration membrane. Dr. Wang was also the member of a technical consulting team from UCLA that worked on oil spill clean-up during the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill in 2010.

The experience from the Gulf of Mexico inspired Dr. Wang and the team developing PolyCera membrane technology as a superior solution for oily wastewater treatment and many other tough-to-treat industrial waters.     

“I am honoured by this promotion and continuing to be part of the PolyCera team. PolyCera’s membrane products have established a solid foothold in the marketplace with more than 100 installations to date and many others planned around the world. With PolyCera’s superior and proven performance characteristics and suite of economic benefits, we truly have redefined standards in membrane products. I look forward to continuing to build on the PolyCera technology to provide new, differentiated products to address market needs,” said Dr. Wang. 

“Jinwen’s experience, insights and vision have already helped propel PolyCera forward in markets around the world with products that continue to establish new benchmarks in membrane performance. He is an important member of our team and an inspiration to the four brilliant Ph.D.s who are part of PolyCera’s core team,” noted Simon Marshall, President and CEO of PolyCera.

Dr. Wang obtained his Master and Ph.D. degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UCLA. He is a member of North American Membrane Society and serves as reviewer for multiple international research journals. Besides his original scientific contribution in PolyCera’s technology development, Dr. Wang has also authored or co-authored research articles and patent in membrane technology and nanotechnology, which have been cited by the scientific community for more than 500 times.