PMR finds hybrid systems remain preferred in zero liquid discharge market

Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) is witnessing traction as a rapidly expanding technology for application in industrial processes to reduce wastewater discharge and maximise water recovery. The global demand for ZLD is set robust progress during 2019 – 2029, reaching a market value of two billion USD (S$2.7 billion) by the end of forecast period.

Key Takeaways – ZLD Market Study

  • Hybrid ZLD systems, although being more expensive in terms of capital expenditure as compared to conventional ZLD systems, are found to be much more economical in the long run as they consume less energy. Therefore, the adoption rate of these low-operational cost systems is quite high.
  • ZLD technologies are being implemented to recover valuable and saleable minerals from waste streams, especially in industrial and mining sectors. For instance, ZLD implementation has been found extremely useful in the recovery of sodium chloride and sodium sulphate salts.
  • Asia Pacific and North America are estimated to remain dominant regions in ZLD market, by value. Growth in these regions is primarily driven by the introduction of stringent regulations and legislations pertaining to wastewater discharge and reuse.
  • ZLD systems help optimise water intake of industrial processes. These also save effluent treatment and waste management costs.

In the power generation industry, ZLD technologies such as flue gas desulfurisation (FGD) and integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) are used to treat effluent discharges from cooling tower blowdowns. ZLD system providers must focus on end-to-end solutions, customisable to varied water sources, to expand their market share.

ZLD systems utilise advanced technologies to treat discharged wastewater by reducing all contaminants to solid waste, and produce reusable clean water. Growing industrialisation has resulted in significant increase in volume of wastewater generated, especially, from energy & power generation, thereby pushing the number of effluent treatment plants.

The global ZLD market is highly consolidated, with leading market players accounting for nearly half of the market share. Some of the key market players included in the report are Veolia Water Technologies, SUEZ, and IDE Technologies.