Planmeca and BWT collaborates to create water treatment solutions for dental clinics

Finnish healthcare technology manufacturer Planmeca has collaborated with Austrian water treatment company BWT to introduce new water treatment solutions for dental units and autoclaves. The solutions will be presented for the first time at IDS 2023 in Cologne.

This will bring Planmeca’s dental care technology and BWT’s water treatment expertise together with the aim of providing reliable water treatment solutions for dental clinics around the world. The solutions are designed for clinics of all sizes and ensure that clean water is available for dental units and autoclaves.

Clean water supports the safety of the clinic staff and helps to ensure a risk-free treatment environment for patients. Clean water is also needed to keep dental units, autoclaves, instruments, and other dental equipment functioning properly.

Their product range includes water treatment solutions for different needs and different clinic environments.

For individual dental units, Planmeca Patrol by BWT is a dental unit integrated water filtration system that does not require external filters. The system removes unwanted particles from the water entering the unit, prevents limescale formation, adjusts water hardness and improves the smell and taste of the water. Filtered water will help keep dental units and instruments functioning properly, preventing unexpected service calls and downtime.

The water filtration systems is another product of theirs for individual autoclaves and for clinics with multiple dental units and autoclaves, as well as water disinfection solutions for clinics and dental schools. The disinfection solutions bring time and cost savings to larger clinic environments, as they keep dental unit waterlines continuously clean without the need for separate waterline cleaning.

“Our dental units and BWT water treatment know-how are a match, and there is potential to expand this cooperation into new solutions in the future,” said Tuomas Jurvanen, vice-president for Planmeca’s dental care units.