PittBoss™ evaporates water from viscous fluids to slash disposal costs

Industries that produce wastewater that is viscous or laden with large suspended and dissolved solids have had to pay extra for evaporation or disposal of these liquids. Mainstream evaporators can’t handle the solids, which clog the units’ Spray nozzles.

To solve this issue Resource West, Inc. (RWI Enhanced Evaporation), a longtime leader in cost-effective and environmentally-friendly evaporation of industrial process waters, has developed the PittBoss™. This is a unique, nozzle-free system designed to drastically reduce disposal costs associated with heavier liquids.

By evaporating the water content from this waste stream, the Pit Boss significantly reduces its volume and weight, slashing disposal costs. It accomplishes this without releasing any particulate pollutants into the air.

Here is a sample of the savings: Water weighs eight pounds per gallon, totaling 336 pounds per barrel. Removing 10 barrels of water would reduce trucking weight by 3360 pounds. The process would also save 56.14 cubic feet of space, further slashing the number of disposal trips needed, as well as reducing the tipping fees for disposal.

Drying the waste allows disposal on land instead of by injection, further cutting costs. Reclaiming of valuable rare earth metals is also made easier.

“The PittBoss™ is unique among wastewater enhanced evaporators,” said Robert Ballantyne, RWI’s director of research and development, who oversaw the unit’s creation. “Unlike other kinds of evaporators, it has no pump or sprayer. It uses air and an open water wave formula to increase the liquid’s surface area and boundary layer sweeps to boost evaporation. It is uniquely suited to evaporating thick and viscous impacted liquids.”

In use on a sewage disposal pond, the client previously spent 4-6 hours per day removing sludge from clogged nozzles. The PittBoss™ has no nozzle to clog, yet accomplishes the evaporation more effectively than the old sprayer system.

RWI has designed the unit for use in a number of industries, including oil and gas, landfills, power plants, mining, pulp and paper, wineries and distilleries and more. RWI can concentrate any process stream.