PHNIX provides commercial heat pump water heaters to Vietnamese infrastructure projects

PHNIX, a professional heat pump manufacturer in China, today announced that it again received several large-volume orders from Vietnamese infrastructure contractors to provide commercial heat pump water heaters for projects in Vietnam. “When the infrastructure construction in Vietnam is booming, our heat pump water heaters become very popular among project applications for their superior performance, safety operation and reliable quality, compared to traditional water heaters,” said Troy Wang, director of commercial water heating division in PHNIX. As he explained, PHNIX HeatPlus, HeatMax and HeatPower series have already been utilised in many hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, beverage factories, and wastewater treatment and textile printing facilities in Vietnam, receiving consistently high praise.

PHNIX has designed its products to include a superheat management function to automatically protect the system in case of overheating and amodbus RS485/BMS communications system to realize centralized control to achieve higher working efficiency. “Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam is one of our key markets in our strategic plan; we plan to offer competitive prices and the optimum technical support to local potential partners to help grow this market,” said Troy Wang.

PHNIX Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater

HIGH EFFICIENCY: By incorporating PHNIX patented tube-in-shell heat exchanger and circulating heating principle, the unit can maintain a high COP up to 5.0 and has acquired the first class energy label with the benefit of 80% lower running expenses annually.

HIGH TEMPERATURE: With PHNIX cutting-edge high temperature heat pump technology, the unit can produce hot water between the temperatures of 80-95 degrees C. 

5 INCH COLORFUL TOUCH DISPLAY: The PHNIX heat pump has a controllerwith a 5-inch smart colorful touch display with multiple functions, such as remote On/Off control, high temperature sterilization, errors records, a timer and others.