Pentair’s fish-friendly impeller at Aquatech

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis recently showcased its pumps and systems for critical water infrastructure and industrial applications at Aquatech Amsterdam.

The company showcased its capabilities for water treatment, wastewater, sewage and flood control and a highlight at the Pentair booth was its large fish-friendly flood control impeller.

The company first introduced the fish-friendly pump in 2011 as a sustainable solution designed to protect wildlife and the environment while saving energy. Developed to counter the adverse effects of conventional pumps in pumping stations on fish stocks, the pump allows 100 per cent of the eels and at least 97 per cent of all other fish to pass through a pumping station unscathed.

Pentair says it has supplied many fish-friendly pumps for new pumping stations since then and it has also converted pumps in existing pumping stations. With this knowledge, it has further developed the technology into a fish-friendly turbine and a Bi-Directional Tidal Turbine which generates energy from tidal currents. The fish-friendly impellers have also been improved to achieve higher efficiency and the impellers can be designed for smaller pumping stations.